Cyril Children’s Hospital is a holistic children treatment center, catering for children from neonatal age (Newborn) to 16 years of age. It has custom-built, spacious PICU for children and NICU for newborn babies (2 separate NICU).

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is 6-bedded unit providing highly specialized care to critically ill children. There is availability of latest monitoring gadgets, ventilators and skilled staff to provide best possible care to these sick patients.

Intensivists – doctors specialized in looking after sick patients are available round the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that the sick patients receive full attention and immediate treatment without undue delay.

Facilities are available for multi-para monitoring including invasive blood pressure monitoring, Mechanical ventilation, High frequency (HFOV) ventilation and Peritoneal dialysis. All critical infusions are administered using gold-standard Graseby and IVAC infusion pumps.

Availability of fully-equipped operation theatre in the hospital ensures immediate post-operative care is provided to those patients needing emergency life-saving operations and no time is wasted in transferring patient to another hospital for surgery.


Neonatal Intensive Care unit has 2 separate NICU, with total capacity of 10 incubator beds. It is a level III NICU providing full-range of Neonatal services to cater for premature babies to full-term neonates with medical and surgical problems. To care for extremely low birth weight babies, we have world-class giraffe incubator.

Our physicians, nurses and allied medical care professionals who work in NICU have extensive knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience to quickly assess and treat patients so that the neonates can achieve the best outcomes possible from critical illness or injury that requires special care. The use of advanced technologies and provision of latest technologies provide support for speedy recovery.

NICU has servo-controlled warmers to provide comfortable care to newborn babies.

Multipara Monitors

TPN (Intravenous nutrition)

Flow-driven CPAP Machines

Neonatal Ventilator (Draeger Babylog 8000 plus)

High-frequency Ventilator (World-class dedicated Neonatal HFOV - SLE 5000)

Syringe pumps for accurate delivery of life-saving medications

Point of Care Arterial Blood gas with Electrolytes and Lactate testing (EPOC - Canada Portable Blood gas analyzer)

Latest, highly effective LED phototherapy for treatment of jaundice

And Many More...


Distance doesn't matter, utmost care will be provided by the team members from the hospital during your anxious times.

Hospital is fully-equipped for short and long distance transfers with provision for providing full range of PICU/NICU treatment en-route. We have specialized, dedicated transport ventilators (Ventipac, Pneupac) running on only oxygen supply.

Special rooms

There are 10 custom designed, child-friendly rooms for patients who need hospitalization.

Rooms designed keeping in mind comfort of child and family, and has facilities including TV, AC, Sofa etc. to make stay as comfortable as possible.

Our Core Value

Operation Theatre:

Fully-equipped ready-to-use operation theatre, 24 hours a day, For emergency and elective (planned) Surgeries

Equipped with: Central Oxygen Supply, Multipara monitor, Boyle’s Anaesthetic machine, Hydraulic Operation table, Bipolar Cautery etc

Our Vision

Our experienced Team is ready to serve you..